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Building Community Resilience Through Traveling Volunteers

Last week I virtually attended the International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE)’s Building Resilience Through Volunteering During COVID 19 presentation given by Benjamin Lough, PhD. In his presentation Dr. Lough suggested there are 5 key characteristics of a resilient community that can be applied to the activity of volunteering itself: self organisation, connectivity, social cohesion,…

I. We.

Just 7 months ago we launched the #iamthiscommunity campaign. Many people responded (and continue to respond) to this challenge by posting their local/national volunteering experiences, showcasing community pictures they’ve taken, or (as nonprofit leadership) sharing hoped-for-participation-in volunteering opportunities for the traveler. While we recognise the “iamthiscommunity” challenge tends to focus on individual action, as a…

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