VolunteeringAll volunteering opportunities listed are community-focused, with each initiative designated as becoming community-lead (community-lead goal); was started as a community-lead project (community-lead start) or is currently responding to a global crisis/concern (ongoing concern/crisis). Regardless if the projects/programs have an international or national focus, we believe traveling volunteers, community residents, and nonprofit/social enterprise representatives become #iamthiscommunity members after volunteering together in the same place.


Not Just Tourists (ongoing concern/crisis). If you take a suitcase, you can change a life! You can get involved by carrying suitcases of medical supplies while you travel, with the process only taking minutes out of your vacation. Originally started in Toronto, Ontario, Canada 25 years ago, this nonprofit has several chapters around the world with the newest in Orange County, USA.  Read their story on our website and visit Not Just Tourists – Orange County Chapter for more information.

Hives For Haiti (community-lead goal). Noted on their website, “Hives for Haiti is dedicated to helping the people of Haiti by respectfully sharing knowledge in beekeeping and permaculture.” Operating since 2013, they aim to foster independence from their organisation. You can get involved by supporting their work. Check out their story and view their website Hives For Haiti.

Daraja Music Initiative (community-lead goal). This nonprofit aims to provide an interdisciplinary approach to sustainability through music education by “promoting an awareness of conserving Mpingo–commonly referred to as African Blackwood or Grenadilla–by actively engaging students and the community with the power of music.” Each summer, teams of music educators and conservationists travel to Moshi, Tanzania to volunteer their time to support this work. For more details, visit Daraja Music Initiative.



Friends of the Tonto National Forest (community-lead start). More information about this volunteering opportunity coming soon on Friends of the Tonto website. In the meantime, consider volunteering through the Forest Service for this specific area, or any National Forest Service location. See Tonto National Forest.