Meet The Team

Lana Olsen, PhD, Co-Founder & CEO. Lana specialises in sustainable tourism and community development, and aims to improve communities in the US and abroad through teaching and research. She is dedicated to further understanding specific areas influencing tourism such as community engagement, with a particular focus on US traveling to volunteer experiences. She co-founded The Traveling Volunteer in August, 2018, and passionately commits to working with nonprofits, government agencies, tourism brands, businesses, and other entities, to encourage deep social impact and community engagement through short-term traveling to volunteer opportunities.

Douglas Olsen, PhD, Co-Founder & Manager of Business
Douglas has a passion for impacting and bridging communities through innovative platforms. His work in higher education, as well as extensive work with the government and private sector have fostered an understanding that it is critical to meet multiple stakeholder needs in most contexts. Similarly, developing engaging opportunities that jointly meet the needs of: socially dedicated travelers; agencies providing volunteer opportunities; as well as other supporting community members is the ethos of The Traveling Volunteer and at the heart of Douglas’ mission with the organization.

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