14053638_1130087247079065_3735371716188097170_o (1)Lana Olsen, PhD, Founder & Resource Specialist (Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.). Dr. Olsen specialises in sustainable tourism and community development, and aims to improve communities in the US and abroad through teaching and research. She is dedicated to further understanding specific areas influencing tourism such as community engagement, with a particular focus on traveling to volunteer. Dr. Olsen is skilled in collaborative work with umbrella organisations such as Chambers of Commerce, and proficient in various data collection and data analysis methods. She founded The Traveling Volunteer in August, 2018, and passionately commits to showcasing community projects for volunteer travellers that are initiated and lead by local community members.

ProfilePic (1)Timothy Olsen, Business Development Director (Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.). Coming from a diverse background in Supply Chain Management, Timothy Olsen has strived to bring efficiency and innovation to wide range of communities. He has dedicated his working life to helping those in need, either locally or internationally, by volunteering to support development projects in his community or as a traveler to a foreign country. In 2019, Timothy partnered with the Traveling Volunteer to support their initiative and is committed to working with Non-Profits to develop and grow a community set on bringing their talents to a global/national audience.

56922828_10218250138955701_5096326563285172224_oCassandra Chelliah, Social Media Team Member, Instagram (Kajang, Malaysia). A nurse-in-training based in Malaysia, Cassandra Chelliah is passionate about travel, learning about different cultures, and advocating for different needs in various communities. Cassandra has partnered with The Traveling Volunteer in order to engage more young people in traveling to volunteer, especially through the social media platform of Instagram. Cassandra first worked with us in 2018 on her project in India (The Nagaland Project), and looks forward to connecting with additional nonprofit projects as she travels not only in her own country but throughout the world.

69264348_2248120288649521_8767459634886737920_nJoy Walsh, Social Media Team Member, Twitter and Facebook (Hiroshima, Japan). Joy Jarman-Walsh (jjwalsh) has more than 20 years of experience living and volunteering in Japan. She develops cleanup events to tackle plastic pollution problems and the rebuilding of disaster-hit local communities. Joy has a strong background in website development and social media marketing as well as collaboration with social entrepreneurs, NPO’s and other sustainability-focused enterprises. Due to her love of travel and volunteering, Joy joined The Traveling Volunteer in 2019. She welcomes traveling volunteers to take part in community building volunteer projects in her community and beyond.


Loretta Friedrich, Social Media Team Member, Facebook (Vernon, British Columbia, Canada).