CityView mission team (2)

Don’t Stop Belize-in!

by Brittany Bascom

Jim Tucker and Anthony Young lead the CityView mission team. While we were in Belize, we met Lead Pastor Jim Mensie and his wife, Anna, from Calvary Chapel Seine Bight. We heard their testimony, and learned about how they moved from America to be missionaries in Belize because they saw the village of Seine Bight needed the gospel. It was inspiring to see how they were willing to sacrifice everything they knew and all that was comfortable in order to help the people of Seine Bight. For example, Pastor Jim told us that he and Anna had been living without hot water for several years. In response to their need, Duane Curtis, a member of the CityView mission team, was able to install a brand new water heater at Jim and Anna’s home. Anna was ecstatic when she took her first hot shower she had had in a long time!

Our team met a very pleasant 90-year-old woman named Miss Arcadia. She was living alone in a home that was in desperate need of home repairs. Pastor Tony and the guys went to the local home improvement store and gathered material. Together, we were able to install new stairs, reinforce the structure of the home, repair roof leaks, install a bug screen in her bedroom window, and clean out some clutter so she would be able to move around safely. We also prayed for Miss Arcadia in her home. I never want to forget her smile. I can only speak for myself, but I wish we could have stayed longer to help her more.

Team CityView walked the streets of the village and invited children to Vacation Bible School where Duane Curtis, Jay Jumiel, and Pastor Tony delivered messages from the bible. Debbie Curtis and Meraiah Brewster took charge with the arts and crafts. Alicia Young and I lead worship. Together we danced, played sports, and had a blast interacting with the kids. I felt an unspoken connection and bond with them. It was devastating to leave. Even though it had only been ten days, I felt these children were my family. I will never forget the bus ride back to the airport. I looked through the back window and saw Kirwin Ramirez, the youth group leader walking home with his head down. Alicia and Meraiah reached back and held my hand because I couldn’t stop crying.

My first mission trip was an amazing and gratifying experience. If you have the opportunity to travel for a purpose, I would highly recommend you check it out!

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