Photo Credit: superstormresearchlab.org

Within any country of the world, volunteers may travel to purposely participate in opportunities such as events, festivals, children’s camps or other social impact activities. Typically large scale events, for example, need an infusion of volunteers from outside the home community to run well. Other traveling volunteers may find time to give back to a visiting community through more low-key volunteering opportunities while on a business trip. Regardless of the reason for volunteering or the type of event, travelers who volunteer get to know nonprofit representatives and other community members in this unique space.

But how does the activity of traveling to volunteer impact their community, according to nonprofit representatives, and community members?

This area of the website is a dedicated to nonprofit and community stories about traveling volunteer activity in their community. If you are a community resident, or nonprofit representative and have stories related to traveling volunteers participating in your community, please contact us. We’d like to feature you!