Photo Credit: superstormresearchlab.org

More often than not community member voices have not been included in volunteer tourism research or through a forum for sharing publicly. There may be reasons for this. Some community members may have been inaccessible or unable to participate due to cultural reasons. Yet others simply are not given an opportunity to share perspectives about impacts or benefits of a volunteer traveler-led development project for their community.

Obtaining youth perspectives is critical to understanding development of youth through participation in a youth development program. Youth experience in community opportunities also tends to influence their development and the type of transition they make to adulthood Further, obtaining youth voices with respect to community development programming tends to affect long-term sustainability of the community program.

This area of the website will be a dedicated space for community resident stories about traveling volunteer activity in their community. If you are a community resident and have stories related to volunteer travellers in your community, please contact us. We will be developing this page soon!