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How do you communicate with others in your personal and professional life? Do you partake in social media outlets? Actively arrange for in-person dates with family members or friends? Text on an informal basis, or prefer deeper conversations? Do you encourage collaboration with business relationships, or have an understanding of how cultural norms may affect a person’s communication expectation? People tend to have communication preferences they use in their personal and business lives. Here are communication factors relating to engagement and specific implications for The Traveling Volunteer.

The Traveling Volunteer endeavours to use all forms of communication, as we understand various personality types our readers. Our social media presence is active through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. We are developing preparedness training to include self awareness of one’s own personality type and cultural norms of a destination community. The Traveling Volunteer encourages all readers to communicate their desire to share a story as a volunteer, a community member, or a volunteer organisation or non profit representative. Active participation through collaboration is welcomed and encouraged. We want to hear from YOU! Consider contacting us, whether you represent yourself, or a larger organisation.

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