The Full Story

The summer of 2017 took the founder, Lana Olsen, to Moshi, Tanzania to gather data for a research study on the topic of volunteer tourism. In May 2018, while searching for a “mother” site that should contain a “one-stop” volunteer tourism information space for the general public, it became apparent that this type of traveling to volunteer website did not exist. It was shortly thereafter she decided to launch a website that would contain information for the potential and past traveling volunteer on topics such as: the dos and don’ts when volunteering abroad; current academic publications on the topic; the sustainable international volunteer tourist, transformative volunteer tourist training…and more! We are excited to provide you with the most current trends, tips, and research on the topic of traveling to volunteer.

Dr. Olsen graduated with her Ph.D. in Community Resources and Development from Arizona State University in May 2018 (with a concentration in sustainable tourism and volunteer tourism).