Do you travel to volunteer? Many people think traveling to volunteer (volunteer tourism, voluntourism) tends to occur within an international context. However, volunteering while traveling happens on a regular basis within the national space, such as for sporting events, conferences, or post-natural disaster relief projects.

Not long ago I traveled to Minneapolis, Minnesota with Tourism Cares. I volunteered to assist with invasive plant removal and tree plantings in the Mississippi Natural Recreation Area to help celebrate the 2015 US National Park Service Centennial Anniversary. Because I traveled from Phoenix to Minneapolis, I fell under the category of traveling to volunteer.

I would like to change the perception that traveling to volunteer activity does not include national volunteering. But that, in fact, does! In particular, within the countries of USA and Canada, where TTV is working at curating volunteering opportunities for leisure and/or business travelers in these nations. But more than this, I want people to understand that within the space of volunteering, deep connections are made not only to the physical environment you are volunteering in, but with the people you meet. 

Do you travel to volunteer? 

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