Loving People Without Homes

Homeless. What image does this word produce in your mind?

I personally do not like the word homeless. To me it more-likely-than-not conjures up a stereotypical image that is not kind to the person who finds themselves in this position. What I have used to describe people in this position is “people without homes.” But really, does it matter what term is used? I think so. It matters because of how a term can draw us towards how well we love our neighbors during their time of crisis or is the catalyst to push us further away.

So how do we love people without homes while they are transitioning from this state to a place of permanent residence? Here are some emotional and tangible ways one can consider that is really based on how you well you think and respond to them.

Thinking through your actions and developing your healthy thoughts towards individuals (and families) who are temporarily without a place to call their own is the best way to love them. Because, we are all really one situation away from being a person without a home. And, we would also appreciate all the respect, the best responses and individual connection directed towards us if we were in that position ourselves.

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