You might have seen the #iamthiscommunity hashtag pop up in social media outlets lately and are wondering what its’ all about. Or perhaps you’ve wandered over to this Page regardless if you’ve seen this hashtag or not. So, what can be said about this challenge? What is it all about?

Your community

Where you live brings to mind a certain imagery and the connections you make there. The warmth felt. Excitement. Frustration (yes, even that). It’s the place you call home. Your place in this world with it’s unique climate, food, events, attractions, volunteering opportunities* and so much more.

Traveled to volunteer communities

When volunteers travel they become part of the community they volunteer in. Through this type of engagement, they leave a lasting imprint to remain indefinitely part of that community. As a result, both residents and traveling volunteers can say #iamthiscommunity due to their collective connection to the place.

This challenge focuses on “all things great” about your place of residence, and the communities you’ve traveled to volunteer. A chance to brag! BUT particularly on local volunteering opportunities for travelers to consider AND volunteering experiences you’ve participated in when you’ve traveled. So, how do I participate? Through social media outlets on these topics!

       Brag about your local community. 

       *Feature local volunteering opportunities.

       Showcase your traveled to community and volunteering experience. 

You might not be able to showcase a traveling to volunteer opportunity if you have never been somewhere else to volunteer. That’s okay! Just post pictures of your community and possible local volunteering experiences. However, we encourage people to post local volunteering opportunities for travelers, and traveling to volunteer experiences you participated in, where you can.

Continue to check back often as we will be developing this campaign as time goes on. I hear there might be some merchandise in the works…! JOIN IN, you just might get a picture featured and a shoutout to your Page or Profile or Account!


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