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We all know that volunteers are one of the most selflessly-giving individuals in the community. Many programs or various organisational entities would not exist if it were not for the countless volunteer hours of service or direct financial support provided by these community members. While there are the traditional ways to donate one’s time and money to a worthy cause (such as physically showing up or directly donating money), there are others that can be considered too. Here are some ideas on how you can participate in, or volunteer for, a local, national or international worthy community project any day of the year.

Volunteer Online. Many people do not have the time, resources, or physical capabilities to hop on a plane and volunteer in a foreign community. But, they have a volunteer’s heart!  Here’s where the possibility of volunteering online for a national, or international project might fit in. You need not have a computer either. Some opportunities ask for a phone connection, and then the rest is worked out between you and your intended volunteering organisation.

Sponsor a Volunteer. Let’s face it, many traveling to volunteer experiences cost a lot of money. Not only are people freely giving of their time and money, but they likely are paying to volunteer.  As a friend, co-worker, or family member, you could directly support a loved one or friend by sponsoring their desire to travel to volunteer. This just might be the perfect Christmas or holiday gift!

Buy Goods That Give Money Back to Charity. Buying a gift that advertises some proceeds will be going to charity, is an indirect way to support a charitable cause without giving directly. However, do your homework. Be aware of the difference between how much is actually being donated and what might be a clever marketing ploy. As a savvy shopper, perhaps it might be better to just give directly to the charity instead.

Employer-matching or Support Programs. Your employer might be one of the businesses that match donation dollars to your favourite charity. Perhaps they might sponsor you, as their employee, going overseas to participate in a community cause? Or possibly they are like Tourism Cares, the philanthropic arm of the tourism industry, that creates “give back” projects for their employees to volunteer with? If so, you are one lucky employee! If you represent a business, maybe it’s time you considered matching employee charitable donations, or supporting an employee’s desire to travel to volunteer for a worthy community project.


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